Once the projects have been designed and the works adjudicated, it is necessary to follow up the execution of these works. We are able to provide a team of experts specialising in each of the installations and services that the building may require. Our work includes coordination of the various installation companies and the solution of any problems that may arise during the execution of the work. Periodic meetings will be arranged to establish a strategy that will minimise problems of implementation. It will also be confirmed that the work is being carried out in accordance with the published project.     

When the building has been completed the corresponding certificates will be issued and licences requested accrediting permission to make it operational.

If the client so wishes all the Asbuilt documentation can be provided, showing the true state of each of the installations carried out.

1.      Facultative management

2.      Executive management

a.    Control techniques for each speciality

b.    Control of deadlines and costs