The company was founded in 1993. We are a multidisciplinary team with wide experience in the development of installation projects for the construction, industrial and plot preparation sectors.

Our specialists and co-workers are professionals with years of experience in construction, engineering and services.

We offer our services to architecture studios, building promoters, public bodies, construction companies, installation enterprises and private entities. We can carry out all kinds of installation projects designed to obtain the pertinent legal authorisations.

Our experience derives from the preparation, organisation and implementation of installation projects, installation company proposals, requests for tenders and their comparative evaluation, facultative management and coordination of all the works involved, as well as arranging all relevant authorisations.

Our studio undertakes the intensive preparation, until permission is granted,  of all official documentation, certificates and project design which are needed to apply for any kind of municipal authorisation or licence.  Specialists in each sector see to the formalities and prepare the necessary documentation so that all the permits required can be obtained in as short a time as possible.

Our study involves the detailing of each task required for each of the installations, including the corresponding measurement charts, cost estimates, detailed plans, descriptive report, etc.  On the basis of this information, and after a process of selection among the installation enterprises that express interest, a comparative study will be made to find the best offer.  Once the work has been adjudicated, a progress chasing programme will be implemented for each of the tasks, ensuring that the norms in force are complied with and the conditions laid down in the project are fulfilled.

When the work is completed, the corresponding certificate will be issued and licences requested accrediting permission to open and make operational each of the installations.

The applications will be followed up at both the local and autonomous levels until authorisation is obtained.

Our team has the skills needed to thoroughly study, and verify, the degree of conformity with the requirements of the norms in force at the local, regional and national levels.  This will include a study of methods of protection available in case of fire, with the proposal, if necessary, of new evacuation routes, the positioning of exits, stairs and fire escapes etc.
At the same time a study will be made of the space and utility ducts needed for each of the installations, meter positions, technical rooms etc.

In the case of classified activities all necessary corrective measures will be studied and detailed so as to obtain the requisite favourable reports.  Once the works have been concluded, and the relevant tests and noise emission measurements carried out, the termination of all the works undertaken will be certified and request will be made for the licence for initial occupation and for all the installations to become operational.

Finally, as-built plans will be drawn up for all the work actually carried out, making  available all the information required for the final report of the building.