We have drawn up projects for the following sectors:

  • Public administration
  • Industry
  • Logistical platforms
  • Shopping and leisure centres
  • Educational centres
  • Hospitals, Health Centres and geriatric institutions
  • Hotels and holiday complexes
  • Sports centres
  • Housing
  • Special buildings
  • Land preparation
  • Petrol stations
  • Active introduction of renewable energies
  • Audits

For all the above we have designed installations relevant to electric power, air conditioning, ventilation, fire prevention and protection, plumbing, drainage, telecommunications, security, etc in such a way that we could study the specific requirements of each and how they interact, and provide solutions in terms of junctions and utility ducts.  

With the information collected regarding the characteristics of construction, the energy consumption of the building can be evaluated.  If our clients so request, we can propose ways to improve this evaluation in new buildings, and indicate the cost such improvements will entail.  In this way, the promoter of a construction can decide what energy rating he desires for his buildings.  While keeping costs under control, we have succeeded in obtaining the highest possible energy rating.

As for existing buildings, their present condition can be studied and improvements suggested to improve their rating.  The cost of each improvement will be set out so that the promoter can determine the level he wishes to achieve.

For a building to become operational once it is constructed, we will assist the proprietor in contracting all the energy supplies and the maintenance of installations and services.

Once the energy needs of a building or industry are known, an offer to tender will be made to the various electricity and gas supply enterprises, so as to determine the most advantageous proposal.  All the information obtained will be presented in a report to the proprietor, who can then contract the services he needs in the most favourable conditions.

We can do the same with maintenance contracts.  We prepare all the necessary prior documentation for a comparative evaluation of offers from different maintenance companies.