We have a wide experience in the design, calculation and description of all kinds of installations for construction and industry, covering all requirements for the equipment proposed.

Our study involves the detailing of each task required for each of the installations, including the corresponding measurement charts, cost estimates, detailed plans, descriptive report, etc. On the basis of this information, and after a process of selection among the installation enterprises that express interest, a comparative study will be made to find the best offer. Once the work has been adjudicated, a progress chasing programme will be implemented for each of the tasks, ensuring that the norms in force are complied with and the conditions laid down in the project are fulfilled.

When the work is completed, the corresponding certificate will be issued and licences requested accrediting permission to open and make operational each of the installations.

1.    Electrical installations

a.    medium voltage electricity

i.    Distribution networks, transformer centres

b.    low voltage electricity

i.    Lighting and energy distribution

ii.    Emergency supply

iii.    Continuous input systems

iv.    Photovoltaic solar energy parks

2.    Mechanical installations

a.    Air conditioning
b.    Heating
c.    Ventilation
d.    Fluids and fuels
e.    Plumbing and drainage
f.    Solar photothermic usage
g.    Geothermics and aerothermics

3.    Special installations and safety

a.    Fire prevention and safety
b.    Smoke control in the event of fire
c.    Pressurisation of fire stairs
d.    Computer networks, telephone systems and telecommunications
e.    Security and CCTV
f.    Centralised control
g.    Domotics

4.    Environmental studies and records

a.    Classified activities
b.    Industrial records
c.    Health records
d.    Protection against noise
e.    Waste management
f.    Water management
g.    Valuations and expert reports